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See you there for more updates! 


What is good UX?

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I asked that question around the office. Have a look at the feedback I got:

Start with needs

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“The design process must start with identifying and thinking about real user needs. We should design around those — not around the way the ‘official process’ is at the moment. We must understand those needs thoroughly — interrogating data, not just making assumptions — and we should remember that what users ask for is not always what they need.”

This is a quote from the UK governments new digital design principles and I think it is spot on. Have a look at the impressive design guidelines and design process they have carried through here:


First year with UX

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How dedicated UX helps create great software. Our CTO has written a blog post on how we work with UX at e-conomic: First year with UX

Kill the wizard!

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We have worked hard on optimizing the experience for our users when signing up for Debitoor. They used to be met by a 3 step wizard asking them to fill out a lot of info about their company before even getting started with the app. Not so surprisingly, results from user testing told us that people found this process extremely longwinded, as all they really wanted to do was explore a little before deciding whether Debitoor was for them or not. On top of this, entering bank details upfront made them feel insecure about our intentions. Our stats also told us that something was wrong, as more than 20% would leave without completing the wizard – and the ones that finished only entered a minimum of data.

Killing the wizard and designing a new Home page
So looking at the psychology behind this we wanted to give the users the freedom to explore the application before having to enter any data. So we killed the wizard… The core principle being that we wanted to guide our users and only require data input when needed, rather than forcing them to do it upfront. This is what now meets our users now after signing up:
We designed a Home page presenting the three main areas of the application for a quick overview and to help people get started seamlessly.  After having entered data in each of the areas, the icons changes to look like this with a verification tick:
Whilst exploring the application a notification is showed at the top to remind users that they need to fill out some data before being able to finalize and send an invoice:

Great results
Not only has it improved the look and feel of the application to be welcomed by a short introduction to the app. But now, three months later, we can see a huge increase in the amount of data entered into the company profile. 50% more users have entered their bank details in Q3 than they did in Q2 and people enter twice as much data than before in general.

It just shows that there is no need to force people into entering data. If you give them a good product with a good experience, it all happens automatically. If you haven’t already tried it yourself, you can sign up to Debitoor here: http://debitoor.de

New Debitoor design

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Some hard work by Søren Bennnebo and the Debitoor marketing team has resulted in a beautiful new design for the Debitoor website. We wanted to keep it casual and friendly while visually focusing on the actual product. Can’t wait to see it live…


Persona workshop

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Last week during our annual “Company Days”, me and the UX & Design team held a little talk on UX and how we practice it. We decided to go for more action than talk and came up with a little persona game. Five teams of five people in each, one homemade persona template, a bunch of sticky notes and permanent markers. Each team was asked to describe a persona based on a real or fictive user of our applications. The whole charade took a little less than 15 minutes and was lots of fun. Here are the results – I’m not exactly sure which are real or not…

“Peter”, Marketing Manager

“Victor”, Lord of War (created by our Ukranian team….:))

“Lis”, Ass. Bookkeeper (someone’s mom…?)

“Mr. Worry”

“Margareth”, Secretary