Persona workshop

19/09/2012 § Leave a comment

Last week during our annual “Company Days”, me and the UX & Design team held a little talk on UX and how we practice it. We decided to go for more action than talk and came up with a little persona game. Five teams of five people in each, one homemade persona template, a bunch of sticky notes and permanent markers. Each team was asked to describe a persona based on a real or fictive user of our applications. The whole charade took a little less than 15 minutes and was lots of fun. Here are the results – I’m not exactly sure which are real or not…

“Peter”, Marketing Manager

“Victor”, Lord of War (created by our Ukranian team….:))

“Lis”, Ass. Bookkeeper (someone’s mom…?)

“Mr. Worry”

“Margareth”, Secretary


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